The ultimate in luxury.

Granite is an Igneous rock formed over millions of years, magma (or molten rock) is compressed whilst slowly cooling from deep within the Earth’s crust, forming the hard wearing, beautiful material we use today.¬† A completely bespoke cut piece of granite made to meet your exact requirements including sink holes, appliance space and drainer grooves.

Key Features 

  • Natural beauty
  • Every surface is unique
  • Hard wearing

Granite is a naturally beautiful, hard wearing and easy to maintain work surface, which makes the ultimate statement in kitchen design and lifestyle.

Below are a number of the styles that we are able to source from Just Granite.

Angola Black
Baltic Brown
Blue Pearl
Bon Accord
Emerald Pearl
Ivory Fantasy
Kashmir Gold
Luna Pearl
Red Multicolour
Rosa Porrino
Sapphire Brown
Star Galaxy
Steel Grey